Blue Light Or White Light – Light Therapy


1What is blue light therapy?

Blue is found in the cold half of the spectrum, and therefore it has a cooling, calming effect. The color of tranquility and peace. Ideally used for relaxation and meditation. It is recommended against burns, bites, and fever. It is excellent in cases of inflammation due to its cooling effect. Blue decreases the heart rate, soothes excitation and alleviates stress states. It has a beneficial effect on asthma, pharyngitis and laryngitis, insomnia, headache, bruising, and hypertension. Our endocrine, hormone-producing glands also respond well to blue. This color is specifically recommended for children.

It is a symbol of the sky and the sea; of intangibility, infinity, and transcendence. Blue is an expression of intellect, contemplation, acceptance, and can also be associated with the world of imagination and surreality.

Light blue is the color of the throat chakra, the first of the higher energy centers. It is situated between the larynx and the pit of the throat. Areas governed: arms, thyroid gland, lungs, bronchi, esophagus, vocal cords, neck, jaw, and tongue. Its assigned hormone is thyroxine. This chakra is associated with communication, self-expression (but combined with responsibility) and creativity expressed in vocal form. It activates communication, creativity, and independence. Vissudha (purification) also means that the throat chakra only opens truly once it has attained the necessary degree of purity through working with the lower chakras. In addition to speech, this chakra is also associated with hearing, which is especially important in our time, because it is very hard to pay attention to each other, to truly listen to what the other person wants to say. Illnesses: diseases of the mouth and the lungs, breathing problems, thyroid problems, multiple sclerosis, and problems with self-expression. Its medicinal plants are eucalyptus and orange.

The color associated with the third eye is indigo blue. This chakra is found about 1 inch above the top of the nose. It governs the pituitary gland, the eyes, the nervous system, the forehead, and the face. It is connected to the heavenly body which can enable us to connect to other beings of the universe, angels, the souls of other people, and our higher consciousness. It activates intuition, willpower, and cognition. Its hormone is vasopressin. Illnesses: headache, migraine, all visual disturbances, glaucoma, cataracts. Its stimulating medicinal plants are mint, jasmine, and lavender.



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