Light therapy is known as …


1Light therapy as treatment of a variety of diseases

Light therapy is known as the treatment of a variety of diseases and a wide range of problems. Light therapy is known as polarized light therapy, which is a therapy that uses natural light waves that do not originate from a point light source vibrate in all directions. The vibration of the polarized light wave is unidirectional. Each polarized light (red, orange, blue, green,…) has a specific use and treat a specific part of the human body systems (skin, allergy, ears, teeth,…).

The following list of diseases and treatment indications were chosen from the recommendations published by various manufacturers and consumer companies, physicians, and therapeutic centers. Even though Light therapy has no side effects, there are certain illnesses and disorders where treatment must be applied under regular medical monitoring:

  • During the manic phase of bipolar disorder,
  • Implanted pacemaker,
  • Thrombocytosis (predisposition to thrombosis due to the increased number of thrombocytes),
  • Epilepsy,
  • During chemotherapy,
  • Treatment of surgical scars after cancer surgery,
  • Uncompensated hypertension.

It must be kept in mind (as emphasized in the description of specific diseases) that Light therapy is not a substitute for medical care and pharmacological treatment.

In general, acute problems will improve faster than chronic diseases.

In order to ensure the deepest possible penetration of the light, distributors recommend an approximately 1-inch distance from the skin during treatment. If the minimum amount of heat transferred by the lamp to the skin surface is uncomfortable (for example in treating burns, or during the treatment of infants or children), the distance should be increased.


The significance of treatment with the lamp is that since it has no side effects, it can be used for the treatment of infants. It accelerates healing, it is painless, and in many cases can be used while the infant is asleep.



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