Which is the Best Red/IR light therapy device?


1Best Small Red/IR Light Device

If you must get a small device or you only want to treat a very small part of your body, the best small light device is this one from Red Light Man. It’s 100 watts with LEDs split between 610nm, 630nm, 660nm, and 680nm. Or you can get it as solely a 670nm light. The latter is recommended because 670nm will active cytochrome c oxidase in the mitochondria more effectively than lower wavelengths like 610nm. This light will have a good power density at about 4-5” away from the light, but remember, it’s a small light, so the light will only hit a small part of your body.

To treat larger areas of your body at once—which strongly recommend doing for time-efficiency and to get greater benefits, especially for general skin anti-aging uses—you’ll definitely want to get a larger light.

In general, it’s best to spend your money on a larger more powerful light rather than rushing to get a small one.



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