Which is the Best Red/IR light therapy device?


2Best Medium-Sized Red/IR Light Devices

These lights get into the optimal range for power output and size, so they can treat a large portion of your body at once with a sufficient dose.

These devices generally cost upwards of $450 and deliver upwards of 120-300 watts of power to a large portion of your body (like large muscle groups and a large portion of the torso at once). This is a huge time-saver when compared with treating the same areas with a small device and will lead to better results. Also, since some of the effects of the light are from irradiating the blood and lowering inflammation, the larger lights will treat more of the blood at once and will have better body-wide effects.

Top choices in medium-size devices are as follows:

1. “Red Rush360” by RedTherapy.co.

  • It’s 360 watts (significantly higher power output than the other lights in this category) and gives a solid power density of about 100mW/cm2 at 6” from the light. (That’s the actual light output, not the claimed power output.)
  • It’s 16.3” tall by about 10.6” wide (slightly larger than the other lights in this category).
  • It has 120 LEDs (twice as many as the Joovv).
  • It comes with a 50-50 split of 660nm and 850nm.
  • They’ve also developed new technology to nearly completely eliminate EMF (electromagnetic fields) emission from their light device, making it extremely safe to use even from very close distances. (They are the only manufacturer to do this)
  • The price is excellent at $449. (This is the overall top choice for light under $500.)
  • Given that it has the highest power output, the broadest coverage area, the most LEDs, a very competitive price, and the lowest EMFs, it is the top choice in this category.

2. The “BIO-300” by Platinum Therapy Lights

  • It’s 300 watts (more than double the comparably sized Joovv, and almost as much as the Red Rush), and gives a great power intensity of about 100mW/cm2 at 6” from the light (almost as high as the Red Rush360).
  • It’s 19” tall by about 9” wide (slightly larger than the Joovv, and roughly the same size as the Red Rush, slightly longer just not as wide).
  • It has 100 LEDs.
  • It’s available in the same options as the Joovv light—660nm, all in 850nm, or a 50-50 split of 660nm and 850nm.
  • The prices are excellent:
    • All 660nm = $449
    • 50-50 split of 660 and 850nm = $449
    • All 850nm = $449


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