Which is the Best Red/IR light therapy device?


3Best Half Body Red/IR Light Devices

These units generally cost upwards of $700 to $2,500, with a couple of great options of large, high power effective lights for under $1,000.

This is a great thing, especially when combined with being able to shine light on a much larger area of your body at once because this will dramatically increase the overall number of photons hitting your body and the dose you receive. Thus, the effects are stronger, and the benefits are greater—especially if you want to treat deeper tissues in larger areas of your body, for organ health, muscle gain, and fat loss, etc. And you can do less treatment time per session.

Plus, if you want to treat deep tissues in large areas of your body at once, it’s very time-efficient with sessions of just a few minutes, whereas with smaller devices, it can be more time consuming by having to treat multiple areas.

So if you’re looking for a large high-power device to do full-body treatments, this is ideal.

Here are the large high-power recommend devices:

The BIO-600 by Platinum Therapy Lights:

  • It’s 600 watts (about double the power output of the comparably sized lights from the other manufacturers mentioned below) and gives a solid power intensity of over 100mW/cm2 at 6” from the light. (This is the same power density as the medium-sized lights from Red Therapy Co. and Platinum Therapy Lights, but here you get it with a larger light that covers more of your body at once. So you can do full-body treatments from closer distances.)
  • It’s 36” tall by about 8” wide (essentially the same dimensions as the Joovv “Original” mentioned below).
  • You can also get this in all the same options as the Joovv Original Light—either in 660nm, all in 850nm, or a 50-50 split of 660nm and 850nm.
  • The prices are wonderful:
    • All 660nm = $749
    • 50-50 split of 660 and 850nm = $749
    • All 850nm = $749


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